James E. Pepper 1776 Straight Rye 100 proof  11
>Bold with notes of dark chocolate, cloves, and spice
Roknar Rye Far North Spirits 95 proof  14
>Bold toffee character; micro-production; hearty rye bread in a glass
Rebellion Bourbon 94 proof 8yr  13
>High Rye (30%) bourbon, limited edition, smoky-honey nuances
Corsair Triple-Smoked Whiskey 80 proof  12
>Peat, cherry, and beechwood smoked malt; Islay by way of Nashville
Widow Jane Brooklyn 91 proof 10yr  15
>Unique, silky-oak texture; caramel and leather
Rowan’s Creek 100 proof Bourbon  11
>Cedar wood with a touch of mint; cigar box
Evan Williams Black Label 86 proof Bourbon  8
>Orange and peppery up front; snappy spice
Johnny Drum Private Stock 101 proof Bourbon  11
>Woodsy with a touch of black licorice